Hostels in Israel

Embracing the Backpacker Spirit in Israel

Embarking on an adventure through Israel’s breathtaking landscapes? Buckle up for a journey that goes beyond the
ordinary. This guide is your key to discovering the best cities for backpackers, where affordable, vibrant, and
community-driven hostels redefine the travel experience. Uncover the unique vibes, top-notch facilities, and
budget-friendly options that make these hostels the best in Israel.

1. Tel Aviv: Beachside Bliss and Budget-Friendly Bashes

Tel Aviv, where the beach vibes meet a lively urban culture. Hostels like Abraham Hostel and Florentin House set
the standard for budget-friendly luxury, with prices ranging from $20 to $40 per night. Dive into vibrant
common areas, well-equipped kitchens, and dorms that won’t break the bank.

Top Hostels:

  • Abraham Hostel – a social hub with organized tours
  • Florentin House – nestled in the trendy Florentin district.

2. Jerusalem: Ancient Wonders and Modern Comfort at Cinema Hostel

Jerusalem’s hostels, including the esteemed Cinema Hostel, embody the city’s rich history and contemporary allure.
With prices ranging from $15 to $35 per night, relish the communal atmosphere adorned with local art. Enjoy free
city tours, fully-equipped kitchens, and cozy dorms.

Top Hostels:

  • Cinema Hostel – a unique blend of affordability and comfort
  • Hebron Hostel – an intimate gem in the heart of the Old City.

3. Haifa: Coastal Retreats with a Budget Twist

Haifa’s hostels capture the city’s natural beauty and cultural richness. With prices ranging from $15 to $30 per
night, experience laid-back vibes and scenic views. Communal spaces foster connections with fellow travelers. Port
Inn, one of the best hostels in Israel, offers a homey feel, while WunderBar Hostel combines affordability with
a lively atmosphere.

Top Hostels:

  • Port Inn – a cozy budget haven
  • WunderBar Hostel – a vibrant social hub.

4. Eilat: Budget-Friendly Bliss by the Red Sea

In Eilat, hostels embrace the stunning Red Sea backdrop without breaking the bank. At $20 to $40 per night, find
the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Green Backpackers and Old Lighthouse Hostel, among the best hostels
in Israel, offer prime locations, vibrant atmospheres, and a range of facilities for the budget-conscious

Top Hostels:

  • Green Backpackers – a lively hub near the beach
  • Old Lighthouse Hostel – a budget-friendly gem.

Conclusion: Hostel Hopping – Where Affordability Meets Adventure

As you traverse the diverse landscapes of Israel, let budget-friendly hostels redefine your travel experience. With
affordable prices, communal vibes, and unbeatable facilities, these hostels – including Cinema Hostel and others
– aren’t just places to sleep; they’re the pulse of your backpacking adventure. Unpack the true spirit of
Israel, one top-notch hostel at a time.

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