Glamping in Israel

Glamping in Israel is a whole world of luxury and glamorous camping.
Beside the campfire and star filled skies, you can feel as if you are sleeping in a modern hotel.
Free Camping is an amazing experience, but only for people who can manage without a hot shower or power to charge their phone. Camping grounds with comfortable facilities offer the best of both worlds: staying close to nature- with basic amenities.
When looking for camping in Israel, you can also find many privately owned campgrounds. They will always provide fresh water, toilets and showers, electric charging. Superior campgrounds that have high level facilities, offer the ultimate experience: glamping!
What can I expect from a glamping site in Iarael?

Fresh water- the most basic need.
Toilets- another basic need. Every campground should have decent toilet facilities. These can be very basic, but must be kept clean and lit up at night.
Showers– also basic need but not always what you expect. Some campgrounds have cold-water field showers. A glamping site will definitely provide a hot shower in a proper bathroom setting.

Most glamping sites offer more services and facilities for a comfort and perfect vacation out near nature
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Gofra Glamping - חניון גופרה
Northern Israel, Latitude: 32.838971, Longitude: 35.371174, Asia/Jerusalem 127.11 km
Camping with you own tent for 18$ for a private car to 150$ Glamping with electricity &am […]
Neve Karni Glamping - גלמפינג נווה קרני
Northern Israel, Latitude: 0, Longitude: 0 5096.24 km
This amaizing campsite is located inside Kibbutz Amir Big place with grace and shade It […]