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Camping at Northern Israel- glamping and free camping
The north of Israel is an ideal destination for hiking and freecamping. Mountains, streams, green hills and one famous lake-Kinneret. Mountain heights increase as you head further north.
Tiberias rises up from the shores of Lake Kineret (~200m below sea level)
Lower Galilee- Nazareth & Mt Tavor (~560m above sea level)
Upper Galilee- Safed & Meron. The top of Mt Meron is 1208 m high!
Mount Hermon- The northernmost point in Israel is also the highest one, reaching 2,200m in Israeli territory. Perfect for summer hiking and winter skiing.

Camping at the Sea of Galilee-Kineret
The Sea of Galilee is the lowest sweet water lake in the world. Dozens of beaches with breathtaking mountain views dot the lake. The most popular destination for Israeli campers, offering swimming, fishing, kite surfing, kyaking and other water sports.
Many beaches around the lake offer shaded camping areas with running water. Some charge per camper, but in most of them you pay only for parking (approx 70 NIS per 24H).
So carless backpackers  can camp here for free 🙂
When to go? All year round.

Winter can be rainy and most of the beaches are closed.

Summer is the high season so it can get really hot and full of Israeli campers.

Yet, it’s really worth it!!
Search here to find some recommended camping sites at the beautiful north of Israel.

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Keshet Cave Campground - חניון מערת קשת
A beautifull place for camping, picnic, and a day walk throut the Northern nature in Isra […]
Kiryat Shmona Campground - חניון קריית שמונה
In the middle of a small town - Kiryat Shmona there is a nice place called - Kiryat Shmon […]
Nahal Sarach Campgsite - חניון נחל שרך
Nahal Sarach Campgsite is a big place with a circular route for the Danila ruins in side the forest
The Axis Campground - חניון הסרנים
The Axis Campground, is a small Campground, but a lot of private zones that includes; Pic […]
Leah and Yitzhak Rabin Campground - חניון לאה ו...
On road 886 the view is mountains and wadis filed with a variety of trees of northern Isr […]
The Pistacia Trees Campground - חניון האלות
In Naftali Mountains area, there are lots of places to travel: Hiking trails, Bicycle pat […]
Mishmar HaYarden Campground - חניון משמר הירדן
Mishmar HaYarden Campground is a place with interesting history, and connects the Hula Va […]
Dalyot Forest Campground - חניון יער דליות
Dalyot forest campground is, one big campground in the Golan Heights - it is so big, that […]
Nahal Kadesh Campground - חניון נחל קדש
The area is perfect for 10 groups at distances of 10-50 meters with a picnic table, barbe […]
Yiftach Campground - חניון יפתח
On Road 886 between Kibbutz Menara and Kibbutz Yiftach, there is a magical and tidy place […]
Mount Meron Camping - חניון חרבת חממה
Rising up to 1208 m above sea level, Mount Meron is the second highest mountain in Israel […]
Dugit Beach Camping - חוף דוגית
Dugit is the perfect beach for free campers. At the East-North of Sea of Galilee, on the […]
Lehavot HaBashan Bridge- גשר להבות
A perfect place for a cool river-side camping! One Jordan River, Many trees, and a lot of […]
Mount Hermon- הר חרמון
On the northern edge of the state of Israel, Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in the […]

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