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Camping in nature reserves of Israel

Much of the natural beauty in Israel is located in its nature reserves.
The reserves are under the control of Israel Nature and Parks Authority.
Camping in nature reserves is allowed only in official campsites. Camping outside these sites is strictly forbidden and can incur a fine. Lighting a campfire is allowed but only with wood you bring from outside the reserve.
Hiking at night is forbidden, so make sure you get settled before sunset.
Enjoy the best of Israel Nature Reserves by camping at these sites:

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Masada Camping (east )
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 31.318195 , Longitude: 35.373147 79.36 km
The best way to discover the existing site of masada, is climbing the snake trail before […]
Kasuy Sand night camp - חניון לילה חולות כסוי
Southern Israel , Latitude: 30.6094 , Longitude: 34.8011 160.16 km
50M high Kasuy sand dunes are a dream in the desert. A magic place out in the wilderness, […]
Rakit Campground- Mount Carmel -חניון רקית
Israel Coastline , Latitude: 32.58333 , Longitude: 35 173.42 km
Rakit Campground on Mount Carmel Rakit Campground is one of the best camping sites in Isr […]
Nahal Sarach Campgsite - חניון נחל שרך
Northern Israel , Latitude: 32.83333 , Longitude: 35.33333 178.82 km
Nahal Sarach Campgsite is a big place with a circular route for the Danila ruins in side the forest
Shaharut Ascent Campsite- Arava Valley
Southern Israel , Latitude: 32.776365 , Longitude: 35.022324 188.85 km
In the amazing valley of Arava, 50 KM northern to Eilat, lays this untouched peace of nat […]
Leah and Yitzhak Rabin Campground - חניון לאה ו...
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
On road 886 the view is mountains and wadis filed with a variety of trees of northern Isr […]
Wadi Ze'elim- חניון לילה נחל צאלים
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Wadi Ze'elim campsite (also pronounced Tze'elim Stream) is a mgical spot in the heart of […]

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