Seasons and weather of Israel


Located along the Mediternian Sea, israel enjoys temperate weather. Summer is long and dry, and winter is cold and rainy, but snow is rare and falls only on high mountains. Transition seasons can vary every year and can be rainy or dry and hot. Weather varies between north and south. The north is cooler and gets more rain in the winter. The south is mostly desert and can get extremly hot in the summer. 

The best season to visit israel is the spring.

From March to May the days get longer, the land is saturated with rain and covered with bloom and blossom.

Nights may be cool but the days are usually sunny.

  • Summer starts in June and continues through September.

In the south and along the sea, temperatures can climb up to 38 C°​.

The temperature in the mountains is cooler.

For example, in Jerusalem and in the north: Galil, Golan and Hermon.

  • The Fall begins around October. It can still be hot during the day, but as the days become shorter they get colder, windy and rainy.

  • Winter arrives with heavy rain beginning around December.

Tempertures drop in all the country but rarely reach 0 C°. some days can be very rainy, but many days are cool, clear and perfect for hiking.

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