Israel National Trail

Israel National Trail INT (hebrew: שביל ישראל – Shvil Israel)
Camping along Israel National Trail is the best way to hike and discover the land
INT Stretches from Eilat on the southern tip of Israel, up to the Dan Reserve in the north. It covers more than 1000 km of a marked trail through the best views and nature of Israel.
INT is a perfect trek for freecamping hikers. No need to book or sign up, and the best free camping sites in Israel along the trail.
Hiking through the whole trail usually takes between 2-3 months. Of course, you can hike different parts on the trail, and there are many one-day hikes too. The trail passes through diverse landscapes and weather zones.
The southern part is in the Negev Desert
which has sparse settlements and hot weather. Hiking there requires careful planning to make sure you carry enough water. Do not rely on on-line maps because reception isn’t always available.

From the Jerusalem area to the north, the view shifts to a typical Mediterranean landscape. Many settlements lay on the way,  the sea is on the west, and more and more vegetation and water resources appear.​
There are 2 popular seasons for hiking on INT:
The best time is the spring, starting at the end of March, from south to north. As it gets hotter, you get to the northern and cooler areas.
The second option is the fall, starting around October, hiking from north to south. As winter approaches, you head down to the warm south.

“Trail Angels” are people who live in settlements on the way,
and host hikers on their land. They provide company, water and basic hosting for free.
Hikers on the trail are called “Shvilistim”, which refers to “Shvil Israel”

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Kasuy Sand night camp - חניון לילה חולות כסוי
Southern Israel , Latitude: 30.6094 , Longitude: 34.8011 160.16 km
50M high Kasuy sand dunes are a dream in the desert. A magic place out in the wilderness, […]
Rakit Campground- Mount Carmel -חניון רקית
Israel Coastline , Latitude: 32.58333 , Longitude: 35 173.42 km
Rakit Campground on Mount Carmel Rakit Campground is one of the best camping sites in Isr […]
Yiftach Campground - חניון יפתח
Northern Israel , Latitude: 32.83333 , Longitude: 35.33333 178.82 km
On Road 886 between Kibbutz Menara and Kibbutz Yiftach, there is a magical and tidy place […]
Mount Meron Camping - חניון חרבת חממה
Northern Israel , Latitude: 32.83333 , Longitude: 35.33333 178.82 km
Rising up to 1208 m above sea level, Mount Meron is the second highest mountain in Israel […]
Yarkon Park Tel Aviv Camping site
Israel Coastline , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Free camping in the heart of Tel Aviv? This is real! Yarkon Park is a real magic in the T […]
Leah and Yitzhak Rabin Campground - חניון לאה ו...
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
On road 886 the view is mountains and wadis filed with a variety of trees of northern Isr […]
Srigim Campsite in Britannia Park- חניון שריגים
Jerusalem & Judea , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Britannia Park is a large forest in the "Shfela"- the Judean foothills. 'Shfela' is a heb […]

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