Food & Water

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Food shopping

Buying food products is the cheapest way to go and a great way to get to know the local food culture.

Products are usually fresh and of exellent quality.

Where to buy food?

Grocery stores

can be found usually in residential neighborhoods. They have a basic selection of products and higher prices.


Usually located in commercial areas in or near cities. They have a wide selection of products and fresh fruit & vegetables. Some offer take-out food. Prices depend on the location and the chain. Shufersal (שופרסל) is the regular Israeli chain, while Rami Levi (רמי לוי) and Osher Ad (אושר עד) are popular discount chains.

Markets (hebrew: Shuk שוק)

Open-air markets are a great place to experience Israeli food culture and buy a very wide veriety of fresh produce, spices, meat & fish. Markets are found in the big cities such as Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, and Jerusalem with the famous Shuk Mahane Yehuda.

Water supply

  • Tap water in israel is clean and drinkable.

  • Water from faucets in public places and nature reserves is good too.

  • When planning to camp or hike in nature, always check ahead where you can fill up.

  • Never count on natural water sources, that may be hard to find and not clean.

  • Hiking in the desert requires extra planning and at least 5 liters per day.

Fast food

  • FELAFEL is the most popular Israeli food:   A Pita bread filled with fried chickpeas balls, salad, fries, humus, and more…          A portion costs under $5.

  • SHAWARMA is like Felafel with a twist: grilled meat instead of Felafel balls.  A portion costs under $10.

  • PIZZA is very popular, and available all over.     Prices range from 2$ to 5$ per slice. Pies are cheaper, so share and save (:


Food & Water
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