Southern Israel

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Camping in the south of Israel is for the desert lovers.
The Negev desert covers a third of the land of Israel. Be’er Sheva, gateway to the Negev, is an ancient yet modern city. Be’er Sheva is well connected by train and buses to all parts of Israel. The desert stretches all the way south from Be’er Sheva down to the city of Eilat on the Red Sea shore.
The Negev is a mountainous area whose tallest mountain is  Mount Ramon at 1,037 m. Geological craters are a phenomenon unique to the Negev and Sinai regions. They were created on the top of mountains by million of years of rain and erosion. The hebrew word for crater is Machtesh and this name appears on some of the signs on the way. The Ramon Crater (Machtesh Ramon- מכתש רמון) is the largest one in the whole world. Its a very popular destination for hiking and biking. Because it’s far away from civilization and a deep land mass surrounded by mountains, the crater offers the most amazing star views imaginable.

Camping in the south of Israel is a way to discover the wonders of the desert wilderness. The best season to camp here is in the spring- from March to May. Remember this is a high area so nights can get really cold. Summer in the Negev gets extremely hot and not recommended for hiking.

Search here to find some recommended camping sites at the beautiful south of Israel.

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Kasuy Sand night camp - חניון לילה חולות כסוי
Southern Israel , Latitude: 30.6094 , Longitude: 34.8011 160.16 km
50M high Kasuy sand dunes are a dream in the desert. A magic place out in the wilderness, […]
Wadi Hatzaz- חניון לילה נחל חצץ
Southern Israel , Latitude: 30.60944 , Longitude: 34.799492 160.28 km
Wadi Hatzaz campsite is located on the Negev Mountain near Sede-Boker. A real Desrt camp […]
Shaharut Ascent Campsite- Arava Valley
Southern Israel , Latitude: 32.776365 , Longitude: 35.022324 188.85 km
In the amazing valley of Arava, 50 KM northern to Eilat, lays this untouched peace of nat […]

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