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Camping in the Tel Aviv region- Tel Aviv camping
Tel Aviv is a very sought-after destination on Israel’s coastline.
The city is the heart of the main metropolis in Israel including many cities such as Jaffa, Ramat Gan, Herzliya, and many more. Camping in the dense area of Tel Aviv is quite challenging. Follow this guide to find a good place for Tel Aviv camping.

Urban nature sites are limited, and camping in Tel-Aviv city parks is not allowed.

There is one magical park where you can find some real natural habitat and a few camping spots. The Yarkon Park, between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, lies on the banks of the Yarkon River. You can find here many birds and ducks, cascades and lakes, groves and orchards.

The Israel National Trail stretches over the northern bank of the Yarkon River, from the Tel Aviv Harbor to the springs at the source of the Yarkon.
The park is very popular all day long, so camping here will require keeping it low-key:

First, avoid lighting a campfire, or light a very small one just for cooking.
Don’t pitch a tent during the day, but wait till sunset.
Don’t camp in the same spot for more than one or two nights.
Camp with a small group and don’t attract a lot of attention.

Regulations might limit a campfire or pitching a tent. However, sleeping out is allowed if you keep it low-key. People of Tel Aviv are very friendly and would welcome tourists who choose to camp in their park. They usually speak english well and will love to help you around.

Camping on Tel Aviv beaches is generally forbidden and not recommended.

However, if you must sleep here, you can do it following the low-key guidelines carefully:

No fire, no tents, and choose a remote spot.
If you found a good spot for camping in Tel Aviv- please let us know and we will add it to ifreecamp!

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