The Dead Sea

When to go camping here?

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Camping at the Dead Sea- the best Dead Sea camping

The Dead Sea holds an impressive world records: The lowest spot on the face of earth.
​Between the Judean Desert and the Jordan mountains, the Dead Sea has it all: Hiking, hot and cold springs, archeological sites and amazing views.
Sleeping options near the Dead Sea range from 5 star luxury hotels to free camping sites under infinite stars.

Dead Sea camping- the best way to know this amazing place
Ein Gedi campsite- is abandoned!

Veteran hikers remember the great camping site on Ein Gedi beach. Unfortunately, due to the geological conditions, sinkholes destroyed this site. You can see it from road 90 near the Ein Gedi Reserve and observe the power of nature.
When to go camping in the Dead Sea?
Because of it’s unique location (lowest point on earth),
the Dead Sea is a hot area with high temperatures.
Winter is therefore a great time to travel & camp here.
In summer, it can get extremely hot and is not recommended for hiking.
You could go camping in summer, just remember that many free camping sites have no shade and no water. The best seasons are spring and fall when its not too cold at night and not too hot during the day.

Getting there: The northern area is around a hour away from Jerusalem by car. Masada & Ein Bokek are another hour southward.
Bus: #486 from Jerusalem to Ein Bokek, through Qumran, Ein Feshkha, Metzukey Dragot, Ein Gedi and Masada.

Search here to find some recommended camping sites around beautiful Dead Sea in Israel.

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Nahal Mishmar Campground - חניון נחל משמר
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 31.380805 , Longitude: 35.380284 78.13 km
200 meter from the 90 road - only 3 Km - from Masada - an open place in nature
Khan Metzokey Dragot- חאן מצוקי דרגות
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 32.083829 , Longitude: 34.775527 154.72 km
Wadi Ze'elim- חניון לילה נחל צאלים
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 30.60944 , Longitude: 34.799492 160.28 km
Wadi Ze'elim campsite (also pronounced Tze'elim Stream) is a mgical spot in the heart of […]
Ein Bokek - עין בוקק
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 30.60944 , Longitude: 34.799492 160.28 km
Ein Bokek campsite lies on the north edge of the Dead Sea hotels strip. A large parking l […]

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