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Shabbat- Israeli Weekend

Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest.

It begins Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday night.

All government offices and public services are closed on Friday and Saturday.

  • Stores are open on Friday and usually close early. On Shabbat/ Saturday, most stores are closed.

  • Buses and trains run on Friday until dark-check schedule ahead!

  • On Saturday, after dark most of the lines have a few rides, check scudual ahead.

  • Food- Plan ahead and buy enough food befor Shabbat, or find a hotel/ restaurant that serves on Shabbat.

  • Friday night is the traditional family dinner. If you have an Israeli friend,

  • it can be a great experience to join the gathering with good company,  food, and maybe alcohol to

Israeli New Shekel (NIS)

  • Hebrew:  ש”ח /שקל

  • ATMs can be found in all cities, and honor most credit cards.

  • Change points can be found in big cities.

  • Bring Dollars or Euro, other currencies are difficult to change 

  • Post Offices are safe and fair places to exchange or transfer money.


The voltage in Israel is 220V.

The electric outlets used are type H and Type C.

Type H is a uniquely Israeli three-pronged standard, but most modern type H outlets can also accept type C European two-pronged plugs.

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Good to know
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