Beach Camping

Beach camping in Israel- the best way for a summer vacation in Israel

Even though Israel is a small country, it boasts a sea, a sweet water lake and a salty lake 400 meters below sea level. All three are great and popular destinations for camping. 
1) The Mediterranean Sea has a very long coast in the most populated area in Israel. These makes camping there very rare and hard to find. Most are campgrounds that charge for camping. Wild camping on beaches is mostly forbidden.

2) The Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) is the most popular destination for Israeli campers. During the summer (June-September) the beaches are full of life and noise too. The advantage is good camping sites with running water, shade and even toilets. Most of them charge only for parking, so backpackers don’t pay!!

3) The Dead Sea is a unique destination for all travelers. Camping here is recommended from the fall through spring. Summer can get really hot -over 40C.
Camping on a beach is a good way to chill out and enjoy some summer vibes.

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Ein Bokek - עין בוקק
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 30.60944 , Longitude: 34.799492 160.28 km
Ein Bokek campsite lies on the north edge of the Dead Sea hotels strip. A large parking l […]
Rotem Shizaf - חניון רותם - שיזף
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Free Camping on the Kinneret Lake!
Susita Beach camping in Israel קמפינג חוף סוסיתא
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Susita Beach on the estern shores of lake kinneret the Sea Of Galilee. The slopes of Gola […]
Gofra Glamping - חניון גופרה
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Camping with you own tent for 18$ for a private car to 150$ Glamping with electricity &am […]
Dugit Beach Camping - חוף דוגית
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Dugit is the perfect beach for free campers. At the East-North of Sea of Galilee, on the […]