Tzova- Belmont campsite

Belmont campfire vibes
Belmont- Tel Tzova night camp
Belmont- the preety mountain
Clean water at Tel Tzova night camp
Forest camping at Tzova-Belmont night camp
Free camping site Israel National trail
Old Olive trees and amazing hiking trails arround Belmont
Sheikh's tomb near Tzova free camping site
Tzova hiking roots
Camp Site Description

On the slopes of a green hill, surrounded with grapevines, Tzova (AKA Zuba)night camp  is a beautifully spot for free camping in the Judean mountains.


The campsite has space for families or small groups, there are picnic tables in the shade and some firewood. A tap with clean water is on site, as you see in the pictures.


Short history brief.


When the crusaders got her on the way to Jerusalem, they liked the area so much they called it BELMONT – the pretty mountain. When standing on top of the fortress remains – you will definitely agree with them.


Tzuba was a small arab Village that lied on the remains of Belmont fortress. At the 48 war between Israel and the palestinian arabs, the village has abounded and its place was taken by an Israeli troop – the Palmach. they called it Palmach Tzuva and live here since then. The Kibbutz has a very impressive mountain agricultor that shapes the green view of this area. 

$ Free of Charge

Open 24 Hours | 7 Days

Clean Water
Campfire Pit
Free Car Parking
Free RV Parking
Picnic Tabels
Garbage Disposal
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Getting Here
You can get here by cat through Kibbutz Tzova, notice they might close the gate at night, so plan to get here at daylight. By bus, it's a short ride from Jerusalem with #183 by Tnufa The bus stops at the kibbutz, and it's a short walk from there.
31.771872, 35.223881
Hiking trails

The green root leeds through a 20 minuts walk in parallel to INT

INT crosess this nightcamp. as its perfect location, this is a very populap camping site aling the trail.


There are many points of interest aground this campsite. A small and peaceful spring called Ein Tzova. Just steps from the campsite, you can find an ancient Sheikhs tomb.


And of course, don’t miss the top of Belmont with the 360 degree view of the Judean mountains. 

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Tzova- Belmont campsite
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