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Yarkon Park picnic area
Yarkon Park Camping spot
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ROSHTZIPOR Birdwatch in Tel Aviv
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Flour mill on Yarkon river
Ducks in the heart of Tel Aviv city
Camp Site Description

Free camping in the heart of Tel Aviv? This is real!

Yarkon Park is a real magic in the Tel Aviv metropolis. A nice stream with tall trees, many birds and open lands.

This is NOT an official camping site. But on this spot you can camp during the night if you keep it low-key. It’s very safe and the people are friendly.


$ Free of Charge

Clean Water
Campfire Pit
Car Parking
RV Parking
Picnic Tabels
Garbage Disposal
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Getting Here
By car or by bus to Rokach street in the city of Ramat Gan
Israel Coastline > Tel Aviv Region
Hiking trails

Surprisingly, the Israel National trail passes through Tel Aviv. Yarkon Park is the best place to stop and camp on this part of the trail.


Check out the birdwatching park called ROSHTZIPOR

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