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Camping in Israel- many possibilities for sleeping in natural surroundings

ifreecamp is an updated guide to all types of camping sites in Israel from the North through the South

Many travelers plan to explore Israel’s unique natural sites. Camping out in natural sites can reveal a whole world of real wild night-life. Waking up at dawn with the sounds of birds is the best way to start a new day in the holy land of Israel. Different travelers need different facilities in order to feel comfortable in nature. Some just need a spot to pitch their tent, and some need a solid roof over their heads with toilets and hot water showers. Luckily, you can find all types of camping sites in Israel.


We have divided camping sites into two main categories: Freecamping & Glamping

A – Free camping sites.

Free camping sites have two main advantages: Free of charge and no need to reserve.

These sites may include nothing more than a campfire pit. Some will have running water, shaded areas and maybe even toilets. Freecamping means you must do your homework. Check here to understand where you’re going and what supplies you need to bring with you.

Freecamping sites in Israel are mostly one of three types:

    1. Forest camping. The biggest advantage of camping in forest are the trees- they provide unlimited shade and firewood. Many of them have also running water which makes them the ultimate camping destinations.
    2. Desert wild camping. If you really want to feel free and can bring all the stuff your need with you- wild camping is for you! Usually clean and quiet, close to nature and nothing more. Wild camping requires high environmental awareness and leaving no trace. Make sure to bring enough water and all needed supplies. 
    3. Free campgrounds: mostly in the north, especially on the shores of the Sea Of Galilee. These sites charge money only for parking, so if you get there by public transportation or by foot- it’s free. They have good shade, running water and even toilets and showers. They get really popular and crowded in the summer so don’t expect to be there alone.


B- Glamping sites

Glamping sites are all privately operated camping grounds. They’re independent and located all around the country. Private campgrounds have all you need to camp out comfortably: water, shade, showers, tabeles and much more. At desert areas they are called “khan– an arabic word that means a desert inn. 

Glamping sites charge money and provide many facilities.

You must reserve ahead and make sure the site is operating. All glamping sites on ifreecamp website have contact info to help you call the owners and reserve your camping vacation.

Freecamping & Glamping
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