Rav Kav card

Rav Kav Card

Rav Kav Card

The Rav Kav card.  Hebrew: רב קו


RAV KAV card is the Israeli national transportation card.

It is valid throughout the country, on all bus lines, trains and light rails.

It grants a 20% discount. For example, if you load it with 100 NIS, you will get 125 NIS worth transportation.

Purchasing a Rav Kav


  • The best way is to get your Rav Kav when you land at Ben Gurion Airport. There is a new information desk in the arrival hall of terminal 3 near exit 2.

  • Desk opening hours:

  • Sunday- Thursday from 7:00 – 23:00

  • Friday, from 7:00-15:00

  • You can get a Rav Kav card in any central bus station and many other service points in malls etc.

  • You must present a Rav Kav when using public transportation in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (and soon it will be necessary everywhere).​ In the rest of the country, you can still pay cash to the bus driver without a Rav Kav.

  • For train rides, you can get single tickets at the stations, using cash or credit card.

  • Click here for the full list of RAV KAV service points.​


​Personal Rav Kav or anonymous Rav Kav?

  • When getting a Rav Kav at the airport or other official service point, ask for a personal Rav Kav- with your picture.

  • The first personal card is free.

  • If you lose a personal card, you dont lose the money you charged on it! It will be applied to your new card.

  • The anonymous Rav Kav costs 5 NIS and can be used for more than one passenger.

  • Every bus driver should have these cards, and you can buy them on your first bus ride.

  • Both types give you the 20% discount.

  • Kids under 5 traveling with an adult- travel for free (:

  • For kids between 5-18 years old, ask for a personal Rav Kav with a youth discount and get 50% off.