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Free camping in Israel is legal and popular, throughout hundreds of free campsites across the country.
What is a “freecamping” site in Israel?
A nice campsite near hiking trails, forests, nature reserves or other landmarks. Suitable space to pitch a tent, light a campfire and sleep out for free.
Camping at all campsites on this list is allowed without making a reservation and with no charge.   Just free (:
Camping Facilities – such as running water or shade- do not necessarily exist. However, many free camping sites do have running water and other facilities.
Follow our icon facilities bar to choose a campsite that fits your camping standards.
For example, this is the facilities bar of a campsite near Jerusalem called the Nas Harim campsite:

Green icons are resources available on site.
Red icons are resources *NOT* available at this site.
You can learn that Nes Harim is a pretty well-equipped campground.
It offers clean water, picnic tables, shade from the trees, lots of parking including accessible spots, and more.
Marked red, we can learn there are *NO* toilets, showers or power outlets here.

On the other hand, this is the facilities bar of Kasuy Sands campsite:

Located in the Negev Desert, this beautiful spartan spot is very basic.
No water, no tables, no firewood and even no shade. On site, you can find just a sign marking the spot, and some remains of campfire pits.
Anything more that you will need- including water- bring with you!

When choosing a destination for camping in Israel, the main consideration should be the weather conditions. Generally speaking, winter is the time for the south and summer is time to head north.

For each campsite, you will find this bar on the top of the page:

This example is from a site in the south of Israel. You can learn that in the summer you should avoid camping here because of the heat. In winter, you should consider it, depending on how cold it is during the night. Spring and autumn are ideal, when it’s not too hot during the day and not too cold during night. Remember that this is general advice, and you should always check out the weather conditions before you set out for camping in Israel.
You can find free camping sites in Israel in many landscapes- from the desert in the south to the mountains up north. Here on ifreecamp we picked some of the best free camping site in Israel. If there is a camping site that you would like to know more about- contact us, and we will add it to the website.
Free camping is the ancient & smart way to travel around the world.
ifreecamp: Low cost – High experience.
Search here to find a free camping site just for you!

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Dalyot Forest Campground - חניון יער דליות
Northern Israel , Latitude: 32.83333 , Longitude: 35.33333 178.82 km
Dalyot forest campground is, one big campground in the Golan Heights - it is so big, that […]
Mount Hermon- הר חרמון
Northern Israel , Latitude: 32.83333 , Longitude: 35.33333 178.82 km
On the northern edge of the state of Israel, Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in the […]
Shaharut Ascent Campsite- Arava Valley
Southern Israel , Latitude: 32.776365 , Longitude: 35.022324 188.85 km
In the amazing valley of Arava, 50 KM northern to Eilat, lays this untouched peace of nat […]
Mishmar HaYarden Campground - חניון משמר הירדן
Northern Israel , Latitude: 32.776365 , Longitude: 35.022324 188.85 km
Mishmar HaYarden Campground is a place with interesting history, and connects the Hula Va […]
Yarkon Park Tel Aviv Camping site
Israel Coastline , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Free camping in the heart of Tel Aviv? This is real! Yarkon Park is a real magic in the T […]
Harod River Qantara Campsite - נחל חרוד חניון ק...
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Harod river qantara campsite is a peaceful and beautiful place with surprising views of I […]
Tamar Fortrest חניון לילה מצד תמר
Southern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
On the Israel National Trail in the Judea Desert, a very basic but comfy camping site in Israel.
Leah and Yitzhak Rabin Campground - חניון לאה ו...
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
On road 886 the view is mountains and wadis filed with a variety of trees of northern Isr […]
Srigim Campsite in Britannia Park- חניון שריגים
Jerusalem & Judea , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Britannia Park is a large forest in the "Shfela"- the Judean foothills. 'Shfela' is a heb […]
Wadi Ze'elim- חניון לילה נחל צאלים
The Dead Sea , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
Wadi Ze'elim campsite (also pronounced Tze'elim Stream) is a mgical spot in the heart of […]
Lehavot HaBashan Bridge- גשר להבות
Northern Israel , Latitude: 0 , Longitude: 0 5167.28 km
A perfect place for a cool river-side camping! One Jordan River, Many trees, and a lot of […]

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