Forest Camping

Forest camping in Israel
Israel has many beautiful forests: from the Bar’am Forest in the north to the Yatir Forest in the south.
Most of the forests in Israel are under the authority of KKL (Hebrew: קק”ל)
Forests are great for camping. They offer three advantages:

Trees provide the best shade and vibes.
You can sleep in your hammock!
Free firewood!
Campfire safety in forests:

You are allowed to collect dry wood for fire from the ground.
A fire in a forest can be really dangerous and requires extra precautions.
Light a fire only in a secure spot surrounded by rocks.
Make sure you have enough water in case your fire gets too big.
Avoid lighting a fire when it is windy or in very hot weather.

Never leave a fire unattended.
There are hundreds of campsites in forests where you can find parking, picnic tables and playground equipment. Here are some recommended ones

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